wtorek, 8 lipca 2014

le plus beau cadeau à donner à quelqu'un est ton temps, ton attention et ton amour

summer is here, more than 30 degrees and i feel like in heaven!
i love, love, LOVE this kind of weather during summer!
but okay, stop talking about the weather.

when it comes to the pictures, they were taken today, and you probably wouldn't believe how much i'm in love with these sunglasses, 
i just can't take them off, they're SO lovely! 

i hope you're all fine,
have a nice evening!

niedziela, 6 lipca 2014

There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart. - Jane Austen

how are you? 
i hope everything's fine and that your holiday is full of happiness.
the weather is amazing! it's been so hot, you can't even imagine how much, 
but honestly, i love this kind of weather.
rain visited us in the evening and it's been more chilly since then but still, the weather is great.
the pictures were taken probably two days ago by my sister,
and i simply like them, thanks to the setting i think.

since i write quite a lot about the books recently,
i decided to recommend you one more, 
its title in english is "the lost memoirs of jane austen",
it's stunning, well-written and captivating,
i highly recommend it to anyone who likes books written by jane austen and who likes the english literature of this period.

have a nice evening!

wtorek, 1 lipca 2014

tu sèmes le bonheur à chaque pas que tu fais

lazy days of holiday have already started,
reading, eating, sleeping, watching, listening to music, taking photos etc.
pity the weather is not the best, it's been raining for 2 days and even if it's getting better right now, i've just heard the weather forecast, rain is going to visit us, what a surprise! 

pictures were taken in the village, the place i truly love.
there's so many beautiful places to walk or talking photos! (which in my case is extremely important!)
how are you? 
i hope everything's fine!
have a nice day!